body armour


Body armours are vital for your survival, it's saves life's...



Below you will find a brief description on our body Armour products. All of our products will be delivered with European/American sizes. A vests in size large will be European large and not Asian large. Protection level is in US NIL unless you specify otherwise. 

For sentries in harbors a low profile concealable body armour may prove to be the best option. On the open sea a heavy combat-vest giving better protection should be considered. 

Bridges can be protected with ballistic panels and armour glasses. To avoid weight penalties and costly time in port for installations, less comprehensive solutions may prove costs effective. A portable, bulletproof cabin around the rudder control could be considered.


Heavy body armour


Heavy body armours is worn on top of clothing's (but sometime under the jacket). This type of body Armour is suitable if you wants to be protected from multiple hits from rifle ammunitions, stabbing etc. Body Armours can be delivered with floating-panels given the body Armour some of the properties that only lifejackets have.

National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is a recognized standards worldwide. We recommended protection level for heavy body armour in NIJ level IIIA for the aramid fabric/Kevlar. And IV level for hard armour panels.

Price about: 1000-3000 dollars

  Concealable body armour  

Concealable body armours is carried under shirts and uniforms. Mostly used by law enforcement officers allowing them to preserve their professional image. This type will protect the wearer/user against most types of pistol ammunitions and give a certain degree of protection against stabbings. To protect against rifle ammunition these kind of Armour needs add-on panels.. removing some of the stealthy appearance. Neck, 'but' and lower trunk are left unprotected.

Recommended levels for Concealable body armour are NIJ in level IIIA for aramid fabric/Kevlar soft armour panels.

Price about: 500-2000 dollars

  Armour panels for bridge and living quarters  

To armour up a merchant ship from bow to stern is of cause impossible. But it is possible to put a removable "cabin" around the quarter master, rudder, radio room and captains place on the bridge. 

Such protections will shield the most important parts and make it immune to most types of small arms and some light antitank weapons.

Such protection can easily be removed when sailing in safe waters and re-installed when the situation requires.

Price about: 30.000 - 60.000 dollars/bridge.