Firearms for all types of needs and situations, special and custom built weapons available on request.



Below you will find a brief description on the weapon systems we can offer you and the approx. price range. The right paperwork must be presented before production and export, check our law section for more details. The price examples given is just and indication and may depend on several factors like night vision or plain optical sights, numbers of magazines, cleaning kit etc. etc. Professionals may find this information somewhat flat. The information is aimed towards decision makers with no firearms expertise or prior experience with guns.






Clustertronix can offer you Pistols (and revolvers) in several calibers. This types of  weapons can be carried concealed and their small seize allowed it to be easily stored and locked away. However, the ammunitions and the short barrel gives the weapon somewhat limited capacities to penetrate body armours, vehicles or boats hulls, those are almost immune and can not be defeated. But pistols and revolvers can be an adequate armament for a sentry. Effective range is up to 50 meters depending on circumstances. 

Typical price with laser sight: 300-1.000 Dollars.


Submachine guns



Clustertronix can offer a wide range of Submachine guns (SMG) in different calibers. Mostly in 9 mm NATO. SMG is the pistolís big brother. Its longer barrel, construction and sights allow accurate fire to be delivered both night and daytime. A SMG can be configured to deliver none and less lethal force. However, the SMG is somewhat limited in range and penetration. Effective range is up to approx. 100 meters depending on circumstances.

Typical price with laser sights: 2.000 Dollars.


Shotguns are one of the most flexible weapons available. It can fire a wide range of ammunitions. Like bird shoots, skeet-, none lethal-, less lethal-, signal-, buckshot, explosive-, smoke- and teargas- ammunitions just to mention a few. Shotguns performances are closing in on assault rifles without loosing its characteristics. An effective range is between 20-500 meters depending ammunitions used.

Typical price with optical sights: 1500 Dollars.


(Assault weapons)




We can offer military style semi-auto and full auto-rifles (and machineguns) if you can present the right paperwork. To fully utilize these kind of firearms requires certain skill levels. Especially if you want to use none or less lethal force. 

This weapon category often allows you to fit a Grenade Launcher under the barrel. This allowing deployment of several types of  less and none lethal ammunitions alternatives as well as grenades. This category of weapon is effective on both vehicles, speedboats and armoured "soft targets". Most recognized weapons in this category are:

  • G3 by Heckler & Koch Germany,

  • Kalasnhikov (AK47) by Izhmash Russia,

  • M16 by Colt USA,

Effective range (with optical/scope) are up to 500 meters. Compact models have limited range of approx. 300 meters.

Typical price with optical sights: 2000 Dollars.

Typical price with optical, add on Grenade Launcher: 3500 Dollars.

      Big bore Rifles. Portable naval guns  


Big bore rifles gives range to anyone who which to defend, warn or make a point. Both Bolt action rifles as well as semi- and full- automatic rifles are available. Rifles in  50 cal. and 14.4 Russian can be delivered. 

The gun and gun-carriage can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes. Preventing exposure during port visits. With night visions the effective range will approx. 2.000 meters in the dark/dusk on large point targets. And up to approx. 1.000 Meters at approaching speedboats. The rifles can serve as a portable naval gun or as a anti-material rifle.

Typical price for bolt action with optical sights: 5.000 Dollars.

Typical price for semi-auto gun with optical sights: 7.000 Dollars.

Typical price with optical sight and gun carriage: 10-12.000 Dollars


We can deliver custom built firearms for all your needs. Like revolvers with butt stock and optical sight with Picatinny rail. Or shotgun assault weapon combinations. Such weapons can easily be adopted to local laws and jurisdictions. Effective range is approx. 200 meters.

Typical price with optical sights: 5.000 Dollars.


This weapon is often ordered along with a other firearm. If you prefer standalone grenade launchers we can make one for you.  However the ammunitions are "slow" and have a curved trajectory, making kit hard to hit anything that travels with speed on distance. In riot situations this weapon have a hit rate of less or just above 50% (on hip and leg target).

For stun, smoke or illuminating ammunitions the maximum effective range for "area-target" are approx. 350 meters.

Typical price with optical sights: 7.000 Dollars +.