Laws and legals



It's legal to defend your ship with firearms!!!!


      The Export of firearms  

Export of firearms is closely regulated. The buyer must get a permit from the authorities/-jurisdiction he which us to ship the weapons to. We will guide you through the process.

In most cases a End User Certificate or/and a copy of  license/permit is required.

      The Use of firearms  

International law allow you to use firearms to defend your ship. The exact rules for use of firearms are subject to the jurisdictions the ship is flagged under, except if on harbor visits or sailing through foreign territorial waters where local laws may apply.

To our knowledge very few pirates and no merchant shipper have been indicted in connection with piracy for obvious reasons. The attack appears on international waters on ships flying a flag of convenience from a country far away.

Basic is that if you are treated or assaulted with firearms you may respond with lethal force. Our concept are to offer firearms that can deliver none lethal and less lethal force with the live ammunition still as an option. This system avoiding juridical exposure.