Find our more about our LLW, NLW and LEM alternatives to avoid legal exposure.. 



Clustertronix are specialized in NLW, LLW and LEM weapons. It can be both the weapon and/or the ammunitions that give the  NLW, LLW and LEM characteristics. But what does it means?? Can it be the same weapon used in different situations?? There are no international standards for this type. Below we explain the basics as we se it.

      Law Enforcement Modified (LEM) Weapon  

Military weapon modernized to fit the requirements of the police. It may mean extended night capacity. On-gun-flashlight or IR illuminator attached or/and triggers are adjusted. Often with optical sights and picanny rail for fast mount. This enable the weapon to serve as a platform for measured and controlled use of force in a wide range of situations. The difference between strictly military weapons and it's LEM counter parts is blurred as the military find the innovative technique usable in military situations.

      None Lethal Weapons (NLW)  

Weapons and ammunitions designed to leave no permanent injury to the target. No skin penetration at any distance. It can be a wooden baton, short wooden stick in a shotgun cartridge case. Designed to be used against the targets arms, lower torso or legs. However if the baton hit the ground in front of the target and ricochet to the head. It may still cause fatal injuries. NLW ammunitions often have short reach, often no more than 20-100 meters even if fired from a weapon designed for far longer distances.

      Less Lethal Weapons (LLW)  

Weapons and ammunitions designed to leave no permanent injury to the target. I can be plastic "bullets" that are lethal on short range but less probably causing fatal damage in riot situations. At short distances it may cause skin penetration and permanently disable the target...


The NLW or LLW characteristics may lie in the ammunitions used. A 40 mm grenade launcher may fire both explosive grenades and NLW ammunitions. A shotgun may fire both slugs and LLW ammunitions. Along with an advanced sight it form a LLW or NLW unit.