Pirate info.


The idea to fight back the pirates with a garden hose is increasingly becoming obsolete.


      Worrying development  

The Big problems are not the increase of the actual numbers of piracy attacks on merchant ships. But the fact that they are becoming increasingly violent, costly and political motivated.

Itís very hard to make any reliable static's on piracy as affected ships and ship-owners seldom gives full report or statements to any law-enforcing agency. The risk of getting stuck in a harbor for a pending police investigation and negative rating with the insurance company is important factors.

Most pirate incidents appear in West and East Africa, Malacca strait, Philippine archipelago and the Caribbean's. The statistics for the last 5 years indicates a 50-100% raise. What is more worrying is that ships and crews starts to disappears along with the cargo. Reports of executions of crews had occurred.


The last years armed conflict around the world had gives the pirateís access to weaponry like light antitank weapons (RPG) and automatic weapons (AK47). The idea to fight back the pirates with a garden hose is obviously becoming obsolete.

Organizers are supporting the pirates with speedboats and mother-ships, which enable the pirates to operate and unload the cargo on international waters. Waters that are not policed by any national police. Merchant and cruise ships are on their own.

      Avoiding the law  

If pirates are followed by a navy vehicles (which would be a breach of international law). The pirates can slip in on territorial waters where foreign navies canít follow them. And if captured in the open waters they always have the possibility to throw the evidence overboard.

It seems that there are only one way to go, scare them away from the ship or worst, defend the ship. As far as we know all ships that has fired back have been left alone. Pirates clearly favor undefended ships or ships defended with water hoses.



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