tactical vests



All the hardware is useless if you don't carry it with you. Find out more about our tactical vests and load bearings.



The term "Load Bearings, Assault Vest" is mostly used for the vests carried by soldiers or Police SWAT teams. It allows the user to carry an amount of ammunitions, weapons and first aid kits as well as some survival tools. Load bearings is easy adjusted for the users weight, length and other personal preferences. Assault vests are more like clothes and requires some fitting (X-large/large or small/x-small). But assault vests are more comfortable and staff tends to use them if issued.



Load bearings  

Load bearings can be fitted with an array of pockets for all types of equipment and weapons. It can easily be re-designed and equipped for new task and situations. Load bearing are easily adjusted to the users. Webgear is a another name for this type of equipment.

Price about: 300 dollars


Assault vests must be pre-ordered with the right numbers and types of pockets. The seize must fit the bearer. Some models can be rearranged wich gives the vest some of the property of load bearings.

However, users mostly prefer assault vests over load bearings as they are more comfortable.

Price about: 250 dollars.